Space to breathe and be


Inhale. Exhale.

Sit. Eyes closed.




A habit I am super excited about picking up again and can’t believe I ever let fall to the way side is writing my “morning” pages. It’s not always morning when I get a chance to write, but i take time out nearly every day (Sunday’s seem to pass by before I get a chance to write, but a day off from anything is probably a good idea!) to write. 

It isn’t always mind blowing or amazing writing. Often it is just mundane, “this is what’s in my brain” or a general recap of what is happening (can’t wait for the boys to read it and know what awesome/crazy dudes they were!) in the day to day life.

The best part is that pairing my writing with practicing (whether it be asana or meditation) has been so much clearer for me. My focus has been on target and my movement has been so organic, moving meditation even. Having a clear mind isn’t easy when there are a million things to think about, worry about, and plan out. 

But that is even more of a reason to do these practices daily! 10-15 minutes of writing and a quick meditation (5minutes at a minimum for me!) or at least a few cat/cows, this has led to better days for me and the kiddos. Clear mind, clear eyes, big heart.




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