You don’t HAVE to do it all!

I promise, it will be ok if you don’t do it all.

You know how in the studio, when you are taking a class, how some days you just can’t do all the poses? Perhaps there are poses you can’t do yet, so you do the prep work (dolphin for forearm stand, plank for handstand, bridge or camel for wheel). Other days you don’t have the energy or your body isn’t vibing on rocking plow pose or crow. Then there are the days where you are feeling good, strong, open and the sequence is just right and you can do it all. Same goes for off the mat. You don’t have to do it all, you just have to show up!

Right now, this is the lesson I’m learning. Most days are a little crazy, but we get outside some, we get fed, we laugh. The house may look like a disaster and there is probably too much tv watching, but I didn’t have to yell (much), there weren’t too many tears, and there was some yoga and meditation. On the rare occasion, all of the above happens, but I may get a nap and the house may actually look as if we all know how to put away our things. And the equally rare, the day goes to shit and I feel as if I might actually have lost what ever sanity I had. 

  The lesson learned is that each of those days are equally important. Honoring the average days with celebration and thanks. Even moe so on the great day and on the shitty days finding the good and celebrating just because it was a day. We don’t have to do it all or even be good at everything. We just need to honor where we are at. Whether it be on the mat with our bodies and minds, at work with our work load and delegating, or at home with our work load and not being too hard on ourselves.

I promise it will be ok if you just do what you can!


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