Making magic

 Some times we just stare into each other’s eyes and see the universe.

Lately, I have been listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons podcasts! I know I’m late to exploring these, but hot damn, they are really inspiring. It is wonderful to hear the advice shared and the pieces that resonate with me. And the basic message of create!

I had a conversation with a good friend about writing and the concept of good writing. She put out the idea that she heard “you can either be good or be finished”. And that really is so true! With all things! There is no right time or even a need for something to be perfect the first time. From handstands to blog posts, our creations can take time. It is a process.

If you haven’t listened to the podcasts, give them a listen!

The reasons I started listening to this podcast are because 1) reading at night while nursing was getting tough and 2) Nancy (of flying yogini) and I are wrapping up the last two limbs of our eight limb//life e-course, which we will then create a book/workbook for anyone!! Yoga and writing go hand in hand for me, they are both about balance and creation, but lately I have been doing both only to small extents. Yoga has become a short asana practice and lots of moving meditation {walking around rocking a baby and chanting either so-ham or Om is seriously a great grounding experience!} while writing has been daily journaling, a few articles, and inconsistent blog posts. I want more of both. Like so many others, daily life gets “in the way”. Ideas come and are often lost, meditations are interrupted by the dogs, baby, toddler, or a phone ringer that I forgot to turn off. Asana I try to do with Bug around to get him interested, but some how he is only interested in me taking “pony pose” or what he calls “mountain pose” (really down dog), both of which he feels the need to climb on me. This is life. This is motherhood. This is yoga friends!

This is why I write at 3am or don’t wear white clothes or teach with my baby strapped to my chest, because the magic of life is fucking messy! Find me the writer who doesn’t lose ideas or write at any given hour they are moved to do so. Find me the mama who hasn’t taken a baby to work (or even an older child because of a lack of child care). And find me a person who wears white and keeps it clean. Those people are standing on the sidelines, they aren’t invested. Get messy. Fall out of handstands or arm balances. Try and fail. Get dirty. Because this is life. We play, we work. We inspire and get inspired. Life is never one thing all the time {and apparently, neither is this blog post! Most random post ever maybe?}, so let it be all things at once. Go for chaos, because in the end you will have one hell of a story!




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