Happy Equinox

These equinox days are about balance of light and dark, whether it’s vernal or autumnal. The focus of transition between two extremes hot and cold {summer and winter}, reminds us all of the importance of transition. To take care during these times. To reflect. To move slower. To take it all in.

These days of transition are also great moments to look at the balance of your life.

A life out of balance can bring unwanted stress and anxiety, like the two extremes of temperature and bring discomfort. Taking a moment to reflect today to see what changes you want to make, what in life you want to create, and then go forward and do it. 

However you like to celebrate today: a glass of bubbly, collecting leaves of flowers, putting feet in the dirty, give thanks, and celebrate the balance! Even if it’s just the balance between light of day and dark of night!

Happy day!



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