Turning inward



The intensity of last nights full, blood moon/lunar eclipse is still in the air. The full moon visible all night and still visible this morning, so of course the effects are hanging on a bit longer. 

If you are feeling the heaviness of the intensity, a good grounding practice this morning can soothe you body, mind, and soul.  It seems again, appropriat to talk about why a restorative yoga practice is important. I know some of you already love this practice, but many people still only see it as a practice to do when injured.

Some benefits of restorative yoga are:

  • More restful sleep. A slower practice in the evening can set the body AND mind up for a more restful sleep.
  • Heightened body/mind awareness. Holding poses for longer periods of time allows for really experiencing what is happening inside the body as well as what thoughts show up. Your thoughts are important, especially if you are doubting or having negative thoughts come up about yourself.
  • A slower release of muscles can lengthen and bring more flexibility.  Spending more time in a pose allows for the deeper muscles to release and to create a longer felt flexibility and opening in the body.


Right now, this blood moon remnants has me craving that grounding of a stillness practice, mostly because the day lead to more questions than answer. I feel at a crossroads of a sort. On the edge of greatness or losing all that o have created, but the roads have long lost their signs making it a crap shoot as to which road leads where.

This mornings meditation lead me to question what the universe has in store for me. And the question that still rings in my heart and head is “what do I bring to the table?” 


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