Own it.

The last couple days have been super emotional and intense for me, pretty sure that moon really took me for a ride. With lots of grounding (seriously feet in the earth and forehead/third eye to the ground kind of shit), I was {finally} able to gain some control of my scattered mind and energy. I was so on the roller coaster that I just didn’t know what was my energyor feelings and what was just energy moving through me. I got caught up in it and started to think it was mine.

The beauty of practicing yoga is that when you are truly present with the practice, you will own your shit. I know that sounds bad {and my heavy cursing this morning may seem unnecessary to you, but hey it is!}, but when you are present with yourself honesty will just show up to the party too. Presence and honesty go hand in hand like a first date. It is so much easier to see what is yours and what has turned into a ear worm {thoughts from others} or a burden {physical carrying of others energy}. When you move your body with asana and I do mean actual movement, think Taylor Swift “shake it off” {I prefer the Ryan Adam’s version personally} or when you find stillness and meditate, honor your breath and move past thoughts, then it becomes clear. You own what is yours.

  A little bind to unwind

When we don’t take part of these practices the shit builds up and even worse it isn’t even ours, except it slowly does become ours. The words our friends or strangers say to us become a mantra inside our minds which we slowlystart to believe, the energies of others slowly collecting on our bodies like pollen. Sloughing off dead skin is as important as this purging of what is not yours. Stop carrying around other people’s projections and negativity. Have a dance larty, move. Then slow it down and breathe. Focus and find stillness. 

Yoga doesn’t always have to be handstands and arm balances, sometimes you just shake booty and breathe, it’s linking breath and movement! Think of it like flossing your teeth, your just getting rid of the remnants from your day. A little post dinner shake off then some sweet child’s pose to clear the mind!

I hope you all are manifesting some awesomeness with this beautiful moon phase and letting go of the shit that has been weighing you down!




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