Season of change

Change is always afoot, but there is something beautiful about fall {or spring for that matter} that makes change appropriate. I love the fact that my birthday happens to be in the middle of this pumpkin, lead purging season. 

Yesterday, Bug turned three years old and I celebrated my third year of motherhood. I love celebrating birthdays, my son’s in particular is filled with delight. To think that before Bug arrived, I enjoyed the whole month of October as my own to celebrate me. Change has allowed me to fully appreciate sharing my love of birthdays with the boys. I hope to allow them to see the beauty and joy that each circle around the sun provides. Wisdom. Growth. Love. Lessons learned. Life. It is what is happening all around us. 

Last night, Bug and I talked about creating a list of three things that he would like to do this coming year. I shared with him that I am doing the same since my bday is coming up. 

This is why I love having my birthday in the fall, these lists (which truthfully I haven’t done since becoming a mama, but this is the year I get back to it) help facilitate the changes I want to make, encourage me to step outside my comfort zone, and allow me to grow. This year I will turn 37 which I look forward to coming up with an equal amount of items! From publishing a book to creating new family traditions to doing my 300hr YTT, my list will be epic (as they hopefully are each year). As I spend the next week or so compiling my list, I will be sure to share it here and on IG. Leading by example, I look forward to sharing this tradition with my boys 🙂




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