The little things 

I know that, for me, it’s that time of year for reflection. I just can’t help but look backwards for little bit to see how far I have come. Sure, I’m sleep deprived and teaching less than I was a year ago, BUT I am in such a better place now. It is the little things that make all the difference.

I wish I could fully reflect {and share with y’all} on all that has happened this year, sadly my poor mama brain just can’t even imagine how to start that process. Instead, I’m just going to share a few of the little things I’ve learned since last October:

  • Your friends are the people who cheer you on and challenge you. You don’t have to talk daily or even weekly, but they are the people you want to CALL when you have news to share.
  • It’s ok to let friends go. Sad yes, but when someone isn’t interested in being your friend any more that is ok too.
  • Coffee is good any time of day, for me at least. It is always beat when you are reading or having a good conversation.
  • Nothing replaces skin to skin contact. The simplicity of a touch of a hand (whether it be a friends, Bug’s, Kai’s) can be the most powerful thing.
  • Some days, brushing your teeth and wearing clean underwear is an accomplishment {thanks motherhood!}
  • Sitting with your eyes closed and breathing is the most healing form of yoga.
  • Yoga is in all things if you let it.
  • Shared dreams and goals are best.
  • Create things with people who inspire you. It will keep you both pushing each other to new lengths.
  • Water is the most healing thing ever. Warm showers, soothing baths, oceans, lakes, it a tall glass to consume water is best.
  • Surrounding yourself with amazing women means that you too are amazing! This goes for guys as well.
  • Raising kiddos illuminates the world, there is nothing else like it.

I hope you find some joy in the small things today!




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