Resistance… Or being human means you have to decide

It’s been a theme lately in my days.

And in my classes, but mostly resistance has been happening at home. A lot.

Yesterday really hit the leak of it and actually caused me to look closer at myself. Kai isn’t good at taking naps, no big deal really {his brother was the same way, although bug eventually got into a groove} because he has been going to be early and sleeping really soundly. Yesterday though, he fought sleep so hard. Tooth and nail, if he had any teeth! Seriously though, before I left to teach last night, Kai was so exhausted and he just wouldn’t stay asleep. Overly tired babies and children are the biggest struggle,  because they are so tired they won’t sleep. 

  So here Kai was resisting naps {and then bed time} while I was teaching the noon class, he was content and cooing but not really wanting to sleep. His resistance fighting what would inevitably come and here I was talking about the resistance we feel when we put feet or hands to the floor and it pushes us up or away. I have always thought of them as different categories of resisting, but really they are the same, we just know the outcome.

Sometimes resistance to change comes to the inevitable, it happens! Sometimes we try to “walk through a door” and are met with resistance, normally ending with us pushing and we are moved in the right direction. How do we know which is which?

  Well, we know that when we want something, we will have to work for it, so there is some kind of resistance there. When the effort is made, our works pays off. Or when we work on a posture in class, the inevitable is that the resistance we find in our bodies makes way for ease to come. Yet we still don’t really know which will happen, the ease and letting go into the flow {stop fighting ourselves kind of resistance} or the push and move us to where we need to be {like pushing against the floor to rise up kind of resistance}. And does it really matter that we know? 

For now, I’m ok with not really knowing which kind I’m feeling, I can breathe a little deeper and accept what is. I can also keep rocking this baby and affirming to him both that it is good to sleep and that his resistance is futile. Sleep is going to come.

Or is it like that saying “what we resist, persists”?  How do notice resistance on or off the mat?




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