it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

it is finally cold here in Austin, which has me snuggling into fleece socks, IMG_6572hoodies, and yoga pants all day long {if you know me, you KNOW i refuse to be one of those mama’s who live in yoga pants. often preferring jeans or dresses to the notoriously comfy pants}. there is often coffee all day, but water is necessary too, just not cold, as winter approaches our kapha {aurverydic state, winter is the season of kappa: earthy, sedentary, grounding, cool time} is going wild. Here are some self care ways to keep happy during this cold season:

  • warm water and lemon.  it is hard to keep water intake up when the weather cools, so sipping on warm water {or at least room temperature} with a little lemon will keep you hydrated is great for your tummy. i’m a lover of the coffee {& the warm mug!}, so i alternate warm water + lemon & my beloved coffee. if i can do it, so can you!
  • you got to move it. bundle up & take a walk outside, go with some of the ones you love to see what the world looks like in the cooler weather. getting out and moving around, it a great way to build heat and pump the blood, energy, prone. play “i spy” with the little ones or with yourself, see how the world has changed or what is happening around you in nature, in your city.
  • make soup. or any other comfort food for you. warm foods, warm the soul. there isn’t much more of an explanation needed, there is something nurturing about making comfort food and even more wonderful about eating comfort food.
  • reach for the sky and touch your toes. half sun salutes are a great way to warm the body and help you feel grounded and blissful. this is a great way to move the body when it’s too cold to get outside or it’s raining. even a 10 minute practice is worth it. two rounds of sun salutes or just a mountain pose to forward fold and back up will do or put on your favorite songs to shake some booty too. make it fun, make it grounding.

if all else fails, go buy yourself some leg warmers or fun socks or gloves. it is the most wonderful time of the year to take care of yourself and find delight in the simplicity of each day. fill your cup lovelies!




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