the yoga of being sick

i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, truly there is so much to be grateful for: wonderful family, our general health, the amazing friends that are like family, my yoga family, and so much more. being thankful for our health {even if we are temporarily sick} and our home, the two beautiful boys that call me mom, and the access to medicine {holistic or otherwise} seems like small things to be thankful for, but even the sickness and healing are important parts of the practice. by now, you should know that yoga is in everything. i mean, seriously, every part of life is seen in our practice, why would being sick {or home with two sick kiddos} be any different?

so here i am, on the couch with one little watching the Lego Movie {which never gets old, really! there is always something new i notice}. we have consumed a little bit of honey and are trying to rest to be on the mend. i have not slept, both boys have {minus those two hours Bug was up because of yucky eyes}, still i breathe slowly through my congestion. i am staying present with the boys, because when you are sick you need mama love.

yoga is in everything, from the brewing of my coffee in the morning to being mindful with the boys to practicing a little bit of movement each day. there is no day in which i do not live yoga, congested and achy yoga practice is just a lot more being present with myself and a lot of self-care.

self care and caring for others is a big part of my yoga practice, being present to know what my family needs of me and knowing what i need for myself. simple things like a hot shower to relieve congestion, a cup of hot lemon/honey water, or when not sick: solo time, a massage, some physical practice, conversations with grown ups. these things don’t sound like *normal* parts of the yoga in a studio practice, but truly it is no different then knowing your body isn’t up to doing vinyasa or your low back hurts so camel pose may not be best. knowing your needs, practicing ahimsa {non-violence} to yourself and saucha {cleanliness} can be considered self care and obviously part of the practice.

for me, today, i’ll be snuggling up and watching movies with the boys and drinking loads of lemon water. mama’s can’t be sick for too long, it makes it hard for the householders when the matriarch can’t do her thing. it also is important TO be sick and allow those you care for, care for you.




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