Parenting is yoga: mother not martyr 

{disclaimer: I’m on my “15 minute break”, baby is sleeping and the toddler is eating cereal and watching PBS. I believe the workforce commonly calls brief moments away from your “job” as a break. Mom’s need to take more of these!}

this week has been full of lessons for me: two sick kiddos, the baby needing chest X-rays and tests, all while I need rest time for myself so I wouldn’t get the full yuck they had. It is easy to get frustrated when a three year old is coughing in your face or the baby won’t sleep unless it is in your arms. One of these things and maybe we are all chill, but all together, oh hot damn that’s an express train to martyrdom. 

Self care is crucial to mamas everywhere, whether it be 10 minutes in the bathroom door locked or a quick meditation practice, maybe it’s savoring a cup of tea or coffee and a quick asana practice. Time away from the role, from the duty of mama, reminds you that you are so much more than a mama. So much more than a booty wiper, a chef, a chauffeur, a kisser of booboos, you mama are goddess, infinite on love and heart as long as you keep that cup full!! As long as you get to be you.

The days I become a martyr are the days I am touched out {code for when the kiddos are constantly touching you and you want personal space. You know what that is right?}, when I’m exhausted from being up too early, or I have argued with the threenager. Knowing what your triggers are is half the battle.

Something a fellow mama friend and I talked about recently (such a decadent moment of getting to talk on the phone to a friend!!) about how it’s really not about being perfect but being present. It’s showing up, in yoga pants, hair a mess, coffee breath, whatever it takes. Showing up as a parent or on your yoga mat, either way perfection has no place in either! 

So today, mother or not, can you say fuck perfection and just be present to life? Because it’s your life and no one else gets to live it but you!




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