hOMe practice: listening

Lately my hOMe practice has been a little meh. I try not to compare, but after Bug i swore i was back into yoga and my core was killing it! With bear, now, i feel like even some of the basics are killing me. I work on it slowly, taking time out to practice every day. 10, 15, 20 minutes are better than no minutes of physical practice.

I remind myself how important it is to just be present with myself, especially on days when i seem to come last in the long line of people who need something. Listening to my own needs, just like i take time and patience to listen to the toddler’s long  list of needs, i tune inwards to hear the what my body craves, what my heart needs to be full, and how to satisfy my soul. Some times home practice looks like child’s pose or lunges, other days it’s flowing and linking breath and movement. Yet still, there are times when i just lie on the floor and call it savasana. It’s more about honoring myself. It’s even more a step to taking my body back {not that it will ever really be mine, the boys seem to have staked their claim any where they can}. Each chance is a exploration and reintroduction to me, which to be honest is exactly why we practice yoga in the first place.

So the next time you are unrolling your mat at home, remember to take a moment to listen. Listen to all the whispers your body has to share, after all this vessel isn’t something to whip into shape. This body is your home!




One thought on “hOMe practice: listening

  1. Oh Liz…this is so true. I am a mother of a disabled daughter, and there are times when I have to put myself last. When I am only able to do some Sun Salutations and then I just lay and breathe. It doesn’t matter, as long as we are connected to our breath. You look so beautiful holding your precious child. Praying you begin to feel better soon… mari b

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