End of year wrap up

20140726-143907-52747488.jpgAs the end of the year draws closer, I have decided to take these last few weeks off from writing and really gather what I want to share with y’all. I have some ideas of themes I want to share like : continuing with “Parenting is Yoga”, maybe do some more baking posts, getting back to writing some on the mat/sequence posts, and mostly just getting back into the consistency of posting regularly again.

I’m dusting off my vimeo account and looking forward to doing some videos as well as some soundcloud snippets of meditations I have found to be helpful. I’m super excited to get back to blogging here on the regular and I hope you are excited to have me back!

So happy holidays and happy new year! may you enjoy this time with your friends and family and maybe even a little quiet time for some yoga to keep the crazy away 😉

see you in 2016!





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