Down in the trenches 

  yesterday I described the state I was in as “down in the trenches”, mostly because the toddler was wild and the baby, well, let’s just say that teething is a bitch!

That’s life, sometimes you need to be in the yuck to appreciate the beauty that life holds. C’est la vie (I’ve noticed I go back in forth between this saying and “presence not perfection” these days)!

Last night while I was teaching, I demo’d fire log or double pigeon pose. It hurt. Like a lot. My body is stiff in places that used to be open and open (or at least more so) in places that used to be unyielding. This yuck and muck shows up everywhere! Being “down in the trenches” is being where the stuff, the shit or the miracles, happen. It is the presence to hold space, to notice, to give kindness to yourself and others when needed. Get down and dirty into the life you are living, because you only live this life once 😉
I’ll be sharing some of my new year changes on Facebook after Christmas as well as here in the 1st of the year!! I also look forward to consistent posting and thematic writes in the new year. Wahoo for changes!!




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