There is so much this year has taught me, from the importance of self care to what postpartum depression looks like.

yoga in all parts of life to building a community, a tribe of mamas/yogis/friends that are family.

getting “fired” to learning more about the teacher I am slowly becoming (big shoes I want to fill).

2015 has led me everywhere even though I didn’t leave Austin (ok, I left the city a few times. But really we stayed in a 30 mile victity). 

I birthed my second (and last) child and I am still discovering who I am out of that birth. 

2015 was growth for sure, I planted seeds. I started the path I am working on now. Writing, eight limb//life growth, teaching out of my comfort zone and holding space for really transformational yoga.

These last two weeks of the year will supply me with enough “parenting is yoga” posts for quite a while!! And while there are definitely pull out my hair moments and times I have thought I lost my mind, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Cheers to growth and love in the New Year and my 2016 allow us all to let go of what doesn’t serve so we may embrace what we need! 




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