Happy New Year

Monday Meditation:


Happy New Year y’all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, made some memories, and enjoy some festivities 🙂

Today is the first day of some inspired writing, I’ve decided to bring a little consistency to the blog. You know make an effort to bring you some regular content and share some of the bliss i have found these days. Starting with meditation Monday’s. This will be anything from recordings of guided meditations, mantras, mudras, and today’s simple meditation and one of my favorites: meditating over a warm cup of tea or coffee.

It is simple and can be done any time of day, any place, and with any amount of chaos happening around you. Trust me, this is a great one to start working  on focusing the mind and the senses. And it all starts with a warm beverage!

FullSizeRender 9

To start, hold the warm cup in both hands.

Let the warmth move into your fingers, the palms of your hands.Let the warmth trickle into your arms.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, smelling your drink. Let the smell trigger a memory or a feeling. Keep the breath slow. Inhaling the cup, exhale and release whatever memory or feelings come. Taking as many breaths as feels right for you.

Open your eyes and gaze into the cup. Note the color, the texture, absorbing all that is happening inside your cup.

Now for the best part, take a sip. A slow, beautiful sip. Noting the taste, the temperature. Take another. Not rushing, simply enjoying your drink.

And there you have it. The simple bliss of enjoying a drink you probably already drink daily. Making it a meditation, making it a moment of presence in your day. Enjoy it any time this week. A work break, before your day starts, whenever!

Again, happy new year! And i look forward to all that I have to share with you this year!!






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