Move yo’ body: folding

Something that has been been really hard for me since having the Bear is folding forward. My legs, my back, my body just resist the entire movement. So today is a little sequence to encourage openness in the back body, no matter where you feel the tension. And if folding is easy for you, well then hey, enjoy the space you find in these poses!

Rolling Cow/Child’s pose-

Make the movement slow, as in slow as slow can be. We do this at the beginning and end to bring awareness to what is happening in the body. Moving with your breath, do ten rounds of this warming movement.

Downward facing Dog-


Curl onto your toes, lift the knees and find that beautiful inverted V shape. Bend your knees. Period. No shame in doing it and frankly, it is BETTER for your body if you do.

Wide legged forward fold-


From down-dog, walk your hands half way back to your feet. Walk your legs wide and allow your torso to be heavy and work its way down centered between your legs. Breathe. Breathe more. Knees bent will let you get deeper into the back body. Hands can be on the floor, at the ankles or shins, or any other version that feels right for YOUR body.

Rolling Cow/Child’s pose-

Repeat the same movement we started with, note any differences you may feel. Where feels open now? Where still needs some work?

Folding. It is a simple idea, but turning inwards can be a challenge in the most beautiful way. It can unleash all that is hidden within and can release the emotional stuck that we so often carry around. Notice, next time you fold, how is that you REALLY feel.

Let’s all fold inwards together!




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