Parenting is Yoga: Yoga in Everything

We just wrapped up 2+ weeks of no school for Bug, needless to say I didn’t get much physical practice in. In fact, I mostly was counting on pranayama {in the form of deep breaths} to get me through what looks like crazy on a normal day {my new favorite phrase/title of a book to use when it seems/feels chaotic, but really it’s just a normal day}.

like anything, yoga and parenting take practice and patience. a daily commitment {although there is really no other choice than that with parenting} and a ability to see the lessons as they come. i learned a lot about bug these two weeks, school has helped him grow and learn so much. he is kind, funny, loves having his “work” or at least some role to take charge in, and mostly he is ever so perceptive. in moments where both boys needed me, he often told me to go take care of bear. that he would stay right there and play block/trucks/watch jake the pirate. in the moments when bear was sleeping, bug would snuggle or play tickles or help me in the kitchen.

it wasn’t all easy and peaceful, there were plenty of moments that i’m sure i will see again in which ‘you only love bear’ or “you never play with me” were screamed full volume. like a yoga pose i haven’t mastered yet, i kept trying. having two kiddos is a life lesson in balance and learning what is important now and what can wait. it is definitely more important to snuggle with the boys and watch a movie than vacuum in that moment. changing laundry though is up there with changing diapers, you got to do it!

if you are asking yourself, “liz, how is THIS yoga?” well my friend, everything is yoga! from my focus/dharana on the boys to being content and allowing them to find their own peace with being content in what they are doing. down dogs for playing and laughter/toot noises as a way to distract mom in meditation, bliss weaved in at any opportunity. it is when you start to really see yoga in everything that you know that yoga really is working for you. FullSizeRender 10.jpg




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