Move yo’ body: Seated Twist

“Let’s twist again, like we did last summer” ~chubby checkers

I always think of twisting as a *summer thing*, I don’t know why exactly twisting is good any time.  especially after all the junk that we ate during the holidays, there is nothing better for the body than some good twists! So here we go, some gentle opening moves before we roll into some good spinal twists 🙂

Cow/Child’s pose


Just as we did last week, move with your breath and find the rounds and arches of cow/child’s pose

Thread the needle

From all fours, slide the right arm under the left and come down onto the shoulder. Try to keep hips even. Breathe. Come up into a neutral spine and then slide left arm under right.


Lateral core

 From all fours, extend left arm and right leg. Inhale. On the exhale draw elbow to knee. Take a few rounds of breath moving in this manner. Ending with an inhale, exhale release hand and knee to the floor and come into child’s pose. Take five breaths. Come up into all fours, extend right arm and left leg. Follow as you did the first side. End in child’s pose.


Seated Twist


Coming into a seated position. Bend left knee and either keep right leg extended or hook left foot to the outside of right knee bent (as shown). Inhale tall, exhale bring right hand to left shin and twist. If you want to hook elbow outside of left knee do so, or bind go for it. Find a twist that works for you. Stay for as long or as little as you like. 

Unwind. Wiggle. And switch sides!

{side note, not to be done during pregnancy or low blood pressure) 

Down dog

As we did last week, bend knees and press through hands in our inverted V


Easy pose

Come down into a comfortable seat. Close eyes and give thanks!


If this practice it “too easy” for you, well good. Do it any way. There is no pose to easy!! If you are new or beginning again, enjoy the exploration of you❤️




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