Meditation Monday: awareness 

Happy MLK day!

If you’re working today, then be sure to take a time out to reflect about what today means to you. Not able to connect with what Dr. King stood for?

Try reading some of his quotes and see what resonates with you! My favorite quote of his is “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy to a friend.” Perhaps that resonates with you.
If you are lucky to have the day off, then how about an afternoon filled with contemplation of YOUR dream. Already know your dream, then spend a few hours working towards making that happen. Don’t have a dream? Perhaps sign up to do some seva (selfless action): soup kitchen, animal shelter, heck bring your local homeless person a winter coat (blanket, hot meal, or a few dollars), or maybe donate a work outfit to your local battered woman’s shelter. There are plenty of causes worth your time and energy, see if something strikes your heart cords and roll with it. 

Today, I’m dedicating my practice to friends and family who could use some love, donating items that no longer “serve” in my home, and hugging all those I encounter.

As another non-violent teacher, Gandhi stated, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” This change may begin with your time on the mat, it may start with just the movement of your body. Then it leads to slowing your breathe which leads to quieting your mind, and of course a quiet mind allows for your heart to be heard. Today I am starting as a beginner again, letting my body move, my breathe flow, and my mind settle, so that my heart space can shine. And I am working with the basic question, who am I? Quite the opposite of my favorite mantra so’ham (I am that/I am), but super powerful in a way to clear space of what I am not. Working with a mantra today will help bring awareness to you! 

Need a mantra? Maybe just start with a word or an intention you love to bring it forth in your day! Peace, love, abundance, wisdom. May all beings everywhere be happy, healthy, and whole, starting with me. These are just a few to get the creative juices rolling. 

What allows you to hear your heart whispers? How are you going to make the best of today? 


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