Move yo’ body: or not

This post is coming at you late. Or i should say, later than i hoped/planned/wished/wanted.  Life has been busy and well, I couldn’t get to it. I wanted to write about child’s pose as a deeper way of experiencing your hips and back, alas a week of single parenting, sick kiddo, teething baby, and keeping sane prevented me from writing. So instead we will talk about the day of rest!

Yes, you can do yoga every damn day. Just like anything, a day off can be a great thing! Of course taking a day off from asana doesn’t mean a day off from yoga, but perhaps you start yoga in other  facets of life. The meditation of brushing your teeth or washing your face, practicing Santosha//contentment even when things don’t go as planned, taking a deep slow breath when stuck in traffic. All these are still yoga and none require a yoga mat. Maybe moving yo’ body is taking a walk outside in the sun, the woods, or the rain. 

  Maybe you have a soul shake down dance party in your kitchen, singing along of course. Extra points if you get friends or family to join in.

Yoga is great! But it is so much more than asana. Asana is great too, but so is a walk or shaking booty to your favorite song. That can be yoga too if you are being present with your body and your movement. For today, I’m being gentle with myself and my expectations. My practice will be dancing with my family as we make dinner to celebrate life, love, and good music. How are you moving your body today?


2 thoughts on “Move yo’ body: or not

    1. Some days that’s the only meditation I get! Or the only chance to remind myself how sparkly shiny I am (despite looking tired and unwashed 😉 )

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