Parenting is yoga: time


Something we think we have a lot of, but truthfully we never know how much we have. I’m not talking about our lives, I’m talking about in our days the free time available to us.

  Just as the day of the week makes no difference in being a parent, we also have no prediction of what our days will really hold. Just like walking into a yoga class, it could be warrior holds for 6 minutes each or it could be a sweet sweaty flow where nothing is held longer than a breath. Our children hold the same intrigue and mystery into what will get done in our day. 

Patience and knowing that the time we spend is valuable whether it be running around crazy (sweaty sweet flowing) or holding a sick kiddo (6 minute warrior 2’s)  or having some free time to do as you would like. Time. It’s what we sign up to give our babes when we have them. 

Me. I’m snuggling with the toddler and watching a movie while I write this. And I’m going to be easy on myself for not having everything lined up post wise this week (or next week, but I have some time!) after all, still got done 😉

Happy Friday y’all and have a great weekend.




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