Monday Meditation: Beauty inside & out

So you claim there’s no time for you to meditate {ain’t no one got time for that}, but i’m here to tell you, there is always time!!

Meditation can be as simple as washing your face, brushing your teeth (ah, come on, you new this was coming after friday’s post!), anything that is repetitive and calming. Add in a simple mantra and watch it change your day 🙂

A great friend, fellow yogi, and energetic healer Liz told me once that when she washes her face, she tells herself how beautiful she is, inside and out. Each splash of water. Beautiful inside and out. Each scrub of soap. Beautiful inside and out. Each rinse of water. Each swipe of lotion/spf. I AM BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT. Try it. It has been a wonderful exercise in seeing myself and the mantra reminds me that no matter what anyone else may think, i am beautiful.

Same goes with teeth brushing, “I am healthy. I am strong.”

These simple daily actions become meditative/mantra reminders of the infiniteness of being. Especially considering that these two actions are often quick and detached. Instead of checking my phone for emails or looking at Facebook, i now look in the mirror and declare my awesomeness. Any way to fit in a quick meditation. Mantra is beautiful 😉 way to drench yourself, every single cell in your body and brain, in some good juju.

Try it for a week. Then a month. let it become a regular part of your day and see how it makes you feel. And look!






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