Meditation Monday: who are you!

Happy February!

sorry about last weeks lack of posts, but sadly it was just one of those weeks. C’est la vie, right 😉 well today we begin, again. Every month, every week, all opportunities to begin again.

one of the things that really keeps my sanity is doing the meditation so’ham, loosely translated into “I am that” or as I like to think of it as “i am”. I love this mantra because it reminds me of my infiniteness, that I am. Ore than yogi or mama or woman, but I am all things. All the time, scary I know, but also a great reminder that “just” can just but out!! I’m not JUST a mom or JUST a woman or JUST a yogi. I am all it.

  So today’s meditation is just that 😉 I am. Mother-f’ing infinite (excuse my French, but some days you just gotta yell it from the roof tops!)! Sit, stand, brush your teeth, wash your hair, and repeat after me : I am infinite! Maybe there is another word that you want to invoke, go for it. Here are some of my favorite words:








at first it can be tough, but set a timer for three minutes and just let your meditation charge you up!





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