Move yo’ body: balance


Well, January was a fun experiment to see if the consistency of writing worked for me… Alas, it made it hard for me to write other fun things. So for now, I’ll stick to my random blog posts with the infusion of meditation, movement, and parenting/off the mat yoga!

Today though, I’ll share with you one of my favorite shapes to make. It’s like a one legged squat, a standing one legged boat pose, and a low one legged fold in one! It reminds me of roller skating, which is perhaps another reason why I love this shape (now, if only it were more of a restorative pose, then I would teach it ALL the time!).

Here are some poses to do before you try it, just because it’s also nice to warm up the legs before you try it out:

Bound Angle, souls of feet together with the knees wide. Focus attention on your breathing and centering of the hips on the floor.

Wide legged forward fold, modified. With this have one knee bent and the foot touching the inner thigh of the other leg before you fold forward. You can also fold over the extended leg. BOTH are great to get into the back of the legs. Make sure you switch legs (knee bent on the other leg and/or folding over the opposite leg) to find some balance before you squat.


Roller Skate Squat, come down into malasana (garland pose or yoga squat pose). Take a few breaths before shifting weight into one leg and grabbing ahold of the foot. Extend the leg and breathe! Smile, fall. Have fun! This is why we yoga friends, because taking ourselves so serious is boring. Making fun shapes and learning where our strengths and weaknesses are can be a blast.


So there you have it! This month will be filled with a lot of self-love posts (it’s February and the month of love, right?!?!?) many of which will be off the mat and on the mat heart focused. Let’s all hope that the sunny days and long naps continue here so I can share all the wonderful words that I long to share with y’all!

What pose are you LOVING these days? What makes you feel strong and rocking? What pose keeps you humble?

I’d love to know, have a great day!





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