Watered Grass is Green. Period.

There has been a LOT of yoga happening off the mat these days. Everything from feeling the wave of green envy from friends receiving what they need (and taking some big ass deep breaths and checking myself before I wreck myself. Then realizing, I don’t even want what they have!) and practicing loving kindness to get over that jealousy to bug’s first (semi) broken heart and holding space for him. There is always family love and work life balance of course thrown in there too.

The truth, or at least my truth is that once you come to see that yoga is in everything, then you start to practice yoga in all things, even when it’s not yoga. {does that sentence even make sense 😉 } Yoga just becomes life. And what yoga and life remind us is that where your attention goes, that is where the energy flows. Or like that awesome saying going, the grass is greener where you water it! Sure, look at that amazing handstand that looks flawless on IG or in your flow class, but don’t discount your work in progress. We all have to start some where. Same goes with off the mat, don’t fret about not making partner at your law firm or not being the mama who looks like she slept 8 hours (or even has time to put make up on to fake it!). Shit happens, but it is noticing where we want to be or what we ar working to create that is the key. Practice. Effort. Space. These are what we need to create that green grass. So get to watering.

As the yoga sutras remind us, “practice and all is coming”!

That doesn’t mean 24/7 yoga mat, chatarunga push ups people! That means, bring your yoga back to the Hamas and the niyamas. Get (yoga) basic. {don’t make me say put the FUN back into FUNdemenatals, because I will!} Find the Santosha (contentment) in your day, in a work argument, or a fight with a friend or family member. Really look at what non-violence (ahimsa) means to you and how you want to let that be a part of your life. The grass is greener where you water it, so are you just watering the asana? The poses you love? Or are you ready to get basic and start to expand your living.

I know, I know. This sounds like an infomercial for yoga, but since January discovery time has ended I feel like it’s time to dig deeper into that self love. Taking what we know about ourselves and really applying it to life. Don’t just breathe and call it a life. Be passionate about you, your beliefs, your passions. And let them sweat out the pores of your body. Reflect on your practice, on your life you are living. Because if not now, when?

*steps down from soap box. Goes back to editing the eight limb//life book, because it ain’t going to edit itself.*





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