life, love, coffee, & yoga

it’s amazing what being kind to yourself can do. being gentle when you feel like you haven’t “lived up to your own expectations”. we often forgive others before we are willing to forgive ourselves for our humanness, for our injuries, or for not believing in ourselves enough. be kind to ourselves when we sip that second cup of coffee or sit down and rest instead of cleaning the house. putting our own needs first, instead of others.

lately, this has been my focus. to look at myself kindly. to be gentle with myself.


life can be challenging enough, why should we make it more of a challenge? why make it harder on ourself? when we embrace self love as an answer to the challenges we face daily, when we act from love in the face of whatever challenge comes our way then we know that our practice is truly being lived. when we approach a challenging pose, coming from love can prevent us from hurting our body. it stops us from pushing too far in a backbend when our low back is already spent. self love prevents us from sitting in front of the tv mindlessly after work instead of reading a book or soaking the bath. self love can show you balance between your morning cup of coffee and your 8-10 glasses of water daily.

love allows us to show up to the yoga studio or the mat even when we feel broken or sad, it reminds us that we are worthy of being whole and that without sad days, happy ones aren’t as bright. when you love yourself, others will know exactly how to love through your example. how are you showing love for yourself these days?

me? i’m getting a massage this weekend, holding space for others to love themselves, and enjoying my third cup of coffee guilt free. a beautiful life is yours to live, a life filled with love and joy even on our sad and frustrating days {because we need the darkness to appreciate the light}. i’m having kitchen dance parties with the boys and making heart shaped cookies. i’m reminding myself every day how much i am worthy of the life i want to live, that i am beautiful even on my tired days, and that mama also deserves to be taken care of, not just be the care giver for every one else.

happy early valentines day!

show yourself some love,



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