Parenting is yoga: all in good fun

oh my what a difference a week makes.

Last week, i was flying high on how all seemed to be going smoothly: kiddos were sleeping, i got some sweet quiet time in the morning before everyone was waking up (although i didn’t get any writing done!), my physical practice was happening frequently, and my teaching was off the hook.  I felt great, even if i wasn’t sleeping the full night through. My coffee consumption was down to once a day and i was eating great.

then it all changed! {which is exactly what life does, why do i always forget this!!!}

the last few days have been 5am wake ups on top of restless nights of sleep. i hurt my back in the most silliest of ways {picking up the 18 lb baby} and even after a fabulous pre-valentine’s day massage, my body still isn’t quite right. practice and all is coming!

yoga with the boys

 maybe to you that sounds like an odd way to look at this rollercoaster of events, but truly these moments are all part of life. it is all in good fun. just like those moments when we show up on the mat and all is not perfect, our bodies are stiff or our heart just isn’t in it. as any good teacher would remind you that it is a practice and we need to listen to ourselves and practice with mindfulness and kindness to our bodies. same as with off the mat, it is important to enjoy the good times! savor them while they are present and when they pass, we remember that that is okay too.

Parenting is yoga, yoga is yoga, life is a practice, yet it is not a practice round. Yoga can be a wake up, a reminder to take care of ourselves. To enjoy the ups and downs of life. And even more importantly, to be present through it all. Good and not as good.

Maybe today is the day you see yoga everywhere 









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