diving deeper:softness

when did it become about “whipping the body” into shape?

mastering. strengthening. becoming stronger.

why can’t we love ourselves, soften into our bodies like they are our best friends (because they are!! i know it seems crazy to love your body, but serious these vessels are amazing) instead of treating it like the enemy. there is space enough for strength and softness, as yoga talks about the middle way, effort and ease.



it seems as of late that i am trying to become friends again with my body, trying to love her and value her again. not just as mama bear, but as woman, human, body/heart/soul. i don’t want to whip her back into shape, to make her submit into some form. i want to love my body, it’s curves. the squishy spots that used to be my rock hard abs. the strength that has come from carrying and birthing two boys. my practice has taught me (and continues to teach me) to practice non-violence (ahimsa) and it starts with myself. i am hard on myself, my body, my actions. i strive to hold myself to a higher level of living. a good friend of mine reminds me to “not be so hard on myself”. she encourages me to do more self care. to take time for myself. because part of yoga is respecting yourself and showing the world what it means to respect you. as with all things, it starts with you.

embrace the softness that is you. accept the subtle sweetness of softness in your days. in your body. in your life. because with out the soft parts, the strength becomes rigidness in your body. too much strength and it becomes your weakness, show the world how to love you. by the way you love yourself.

however you choose to practice today, let it start here. with the softness of being you.




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