the long and short of it.


I woke up this morning to the beautiful news that the fabulous yoga mama Erica Winters (otherwise known as Spoiled Yogi) had listed me amongst some of the most bad ass yoga mamas I know! To be one among 14 may seem like a lot, but when you really think about all the yoga mamas out there blogging and on IG, well shit! It starts to make you feel special. Here’s the link if you haven’t seen it yet

For those you how perhaps are swinging by today to see why Mrs Winters has some love for me, well enjoy snooping around! you’ll see loads of yoga pics, coffee pics, and my two boys! have fun.

Life has been blissfully hectic over here as the boys and I have been battling the flu, i have been working with Nancy to get the newer/ prettier/ at your own pace eight limb//life done, and I’m mapping out how become Austin’s top restore teacher without making it self proclaimed. All this and parenting… yup! Let’s all give a hell yes to bad ass ladies who work hard, play hard, and celebrate each other. I’m looking forward to blogging more this week! so stay tuned 🙂

xo, liz

ps, here’s some fun pics to tide you over



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