Restorative Photo Play

Last month, I had the chance to have some photos taken and the best part is they got to be restorative poses! It’s not often that you get to pull the props out and enjoy the beauty of being held. I thought I’d share a few with you, because well, I can’t help it 🙂

I’m feeling super stoked about how things seem to be lining up for me these days in yoga while there seems to be chaos at home. The scales of balance in work and home are hardly ever even. C’est la vie! Classes are booming, my teachings are really hitting home, i got a 24hr flue that nearly kicked my booty, baby bear caught it too, and a potentially VERY cool opportunity that may make practicing with me no matter where you are.

US7A9707.jpgthis is how i relax while getting my pic taken, my resting bitch face was tired 😉

heart over arms 2.jpgmy favorite restore pose, supported camel!

side view.jpgdoesn’t it look lengthening and heart healing?

child pose 3.jpgbowing into myself, giving thanks to my body/heart/and soul

ah, you know there will be more sparkling photos to be shared soon!



{all photos taken by the fabulous Mark Herron of Sukha Yoga!}


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