Back at it

I’ve been trying hard to get back into writing here daily, not because I have so much to share, but because I love writing and sharing. This first year of two is just as challenging as I knew it would be. It’s been a lot working the scales between parenthood and adulthood. Mama and being myself. 

This dance of balance is a carefully crafted flow, keeping both sides of my body balances and keeping all sides of me in balance. Trying hard not to spend too much time as mama or as Liz or as teacher or student. But flowing between them all. When I get time to be all parts of myself, this is when i’m happiest, when I can write, create, and when mama-hood is easy. Life flows freely when we give it the space to do so. 

  I have been bad about this lately, mostly because I got sick, bear got sick, and I’ve been slowly trying to get back at it. This coming week is spring break and I will be freaking out a little while also trying to keep Bug running around and exhausting himself daily. I’ll be practicing meditation and hopefully some morning yoga with bug. I’m also going to challenge myself and try write more as well. I know our adventures will be fun to share. Today, there will be coffee, garden time, meditation, and some down dog. But coffee first 😉

Happy Friday y’all! Get your yoga on❤️




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