Happy Pi Day

Happy 3.14 friends!

Today we celebrated this mathematician day with friends and pie! We hung out with friends we don’t see very often, which made it so much more fun! There was loads of snacks and pies and laughter (and some tears), but all of our families have grown making it overwhelming for this mama to be amongst the chaos. Our littles aren’t so little any more and with the second round of babies added, i have to admit i felt anxious and overwhelmed by it all.

There is a lot of discussion about postpartum depression and anxiety, we all know someone who has had it, but seldom admit that we may be carrying some of it ourselves. For me, it has been a lot fear and worry about getting out with both kiddos. It is often when we are heading to the park or a play date that my mind tells me of all the dangers and outcomes that are possible. Luckily, I have been working with my breath and being present enough to recognize that thoughts are not actions and that it is ok to feel this way. SO with both boys in tow to our pie filled play time, I took slow deep breaths when the chaos got too high or when Bug got overwhelmed or into a disagreement with a friend. After all it was contained and they weren’t playing in the street and yoga is in everything, especially when your imagination gets the best of you. Isn’t that what our practice is for, getting present and living in the now!

I hope someone brings you some pie or you get to enjoy a fun mathematical problem 😉




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