Parenting is yoga: Spring Break

First of all, why do toddlers have spring break?  Secondly, whoa boy!

There was a lot of deep breaths this week as we spent all day together. We enjoyed picnics, pi(e) day, a trip to a classic amusement park, and lots of playing! Sure, there were many moments of melt down for both the kiddo AND me, but the truth is that is life.

We used our yoga books (night time and morning kiddo yoga books are AMAZING) when tempers got short and we needed to chill out! More than once, bug suggested i go meditate (and also offered to watch a show while i did so) which actually was very kind of him. Motherhood is a beautiful thing. It is loving and sweet, but also requires a lot from you. I loved this week, it taught me a lot about myself and how important it is to keep us all on the same level for self care. Sure, babies and kiddos make their needs known louder, but no one’s needs are more important than the others. We are all needing love, self care, nurturing, and space to be ourselves. Spring Break reminded me this. Reminded me that we are on the same level.

In other news, Nancy Adler and I a working fast and furious to get eight limb//life revamped for y’all! Our relaunch date is set for April 7th and we are super excited to say that it will be a go at your own pace course, allowing you to just enjoy each post as you want. If you want to keep up to date, here’s a link to be notified! We seriously can NOT wait to share more of what we love about yoga!

Also, this week I’ll be sharing some audio files: a meditation and a short yoga nidra practice, all for your enjoyment and to celebrate what is yet to come 😉

hope y’all are enjoying your monday! And here are a few pics from our break!



IMG_1134Dance parties are our favorite

IMG_1073The entourage

IMG_0974way too much Go Fish

IMG_0928old school rides, oh yea


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