Who are you? Somebody!

I have two *secret* self care bits.

One is below (I am meditation) and the other is yoga nidra (don’t worry, i’ll share some soon), in total my sanity saving self care takes up 15 minutes. Some days i let it take more, others it less for obvious reason {oh yea, i hardly ever wake up on my own any more, that could be why}. BUT i always do these two things: I am is my morning meditation and yoga nidra during a nap time. These two bits help me feel refreshed and grounded, they are helping me on the journey to rediscover who i am. Post babies, I’m still learning who i birthed into when they came into the world.

So here, I’m offering you a guided version to get you started. The meditation has reminded me of all the things i am, all that i have to offer.. so without further ado! {ps, i’m sorry about the little baby coos in the background. i wanted to get this out to y’all so i did my best to get it done during a nap time, but you know} Enjoy your journey to rediscovering who you are today! It’s a long journey, but better to start now than later. 🙂





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