Breathing Room 

This weekend, we took a family get away. Just a short trip, just outside of town. We needed a reset. A connect. 

Not an escape from our lives mind you, but it’s nice to be in a different space for awhile. To find some breathing room. We walked, we swam, we saw horses/lamas/Longhorns, we ate s’mores, we ate way too much, we played with my dad and step mom, and we laughed. We laughed harder than we had in quite awhile. This weekend reminded me of the simple joys in life: a good pun, a child’s delight in making a new “friend” or playing with Legos and a dinosaur, or coffee on the patio (even though it’s cold out). “They say” a good vacation you take home with you in the little things you do.

I’m looking forward to putting a chair on my balcony to sip coffee on, to enjoying Bug playing, to getting us ready to play in the water, but also I’m looking forward to NOT eating so much. To working to gain back some self control that breastfeeding has taken from me. My all I can eat, anything I want attitude needs to come to an end and I realized this when I ate a half stack of pancakes, then an egg white omelet plus coffee and fruit. I ate and ate and j never felt full. I also didn’t really taste my food. So, it doesn’t matter what I choose to do to bring presence in my eating, but  that I make the steps to do it.

As I write this, I am pool side and getting ready to go back home. Ready for yoga and meditation and mostly, ready to cook!


Edited: here are some photos from this weekend, I forgot to add them.



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