the practice of living

most days, look like crazy on a normal day.

there is a lot (LOT) of breathing, moments of blissful stillness, bits of movement, but really my day is a practice of living. of being present. it’s living life without getting caught up in the *musts* or the stickiness of life.

this living practice is something that isn’t always easy, but it leads to some of the best ideas AND keeps me from totally losing my mind. parenthood is yoga and in this practice there are a lot of moments that feel a helluva lot less like yoga and more like torture.


yea, it’s kinda like doing yoga, drinking coffee, and hanging with a baby.

this living practice. this *yoga* of every day life. it looks a lot like reading “Goodnight, Moon” a thousand times {think of it like a mantra to the universe that you are thankful and every night is a chance to say good night to the world}, like making breakfast/lunch/dinner is a meditation of creating love filled food, like having a dance party after school/nap that may or may not look a lot like some yoga, and it may look like anything OTHER than yoga. And while these practices are rarely perfect or without frustration, but at the end of the day it is a lot of yoga.

So, what does your living practice look like? a lot like “crazy on a normal day” i’m sure 😉



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