parenting is yoga: sometimes it’s hell

maybe you feel like the title is exaggeration or kind of ominous, i can honestly say i have felt this way about both yoga AND parenting.

do you remember your first yoga class? first down dog? the first time you heard, now take a vinyasa?

that sense of “what have i gotten myself into?”

the way your body ached the next day.

the awkwardness you felt taking that first class, that is what it feels like to be a parent. the newness of it all.

but even after that first class, you go back, because it sparked something in you. you got better at it. more aware of the shapes, of the breathing, of the presence it asks. then you try a new teacher or a different style, speed, level. once again, your body aches, it’s a challenge, but now you know. then you quit for awhile, it’s no big deal you can totally step away from your practice. we all do it {haven’t done it yet? don’t worry, darling. you will and it will feel weird. you may take off a month or a year, but it’s ok. yoga will still be there for you when you are ready.}, but then we come back or really we never stop practicing. we just stop going to the studio, stop doing down dogs, but we really are always doing yoga.

this is what parenting feels like, it’s hard at first. you want to quit. and you kinda do quit for a little while. you quit going out, meeting friends, maybe you quit your job to be a stay at home parent. each phase you “master” is met with a new teacher/lesson, only to begin again and learn the new rules to what is happening with your child. parenthood is like re-learning down dog over and over again, coming back to your practice again and again.

this is a little bit of hell. teething, lack of sleep. re-learning the rules of this dance, discovering the newness of this style of yoga. the uncomfortability of down dog, the antsy-ness of meditation, the oddity of pranayama. and so it, goes. a little bit of hell.




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