out of your comfort zone

IMG_3019for any one who has taken a restorative class with me, you may feel at times like it sounds a bit like slam poetry night, well because it kinda is 😉 it always feels like that to me. I enjoy a rhythm and flow while i teach. So last night, i came across a beautiful poem that really struck me in the heart and embodies so much of what i teach, I wanted to share it with y’all.

Who you are

Who you are is so much more

than what you do. The essence,

shining through heart, soul, and

center, the bare and bold truth

of you does not lie in your

to-do list. You are not just

at the surface of your skin, not

just the impulse to arrange the

muscles of your face into a smile

or a frown, not just boundless

energy, or bone wearying fatigue.

Delve deeper. You are divinity;

the vast and open sky of Spirit.

It’s the light of God, the ember

at your core, the passion and the

presence, the timeless, deathless

essence of you that reaches out

and touches me. Who you are

transcends fear and turns

suffering into liberation.

Who you are is love.

~Danna Faulds

friends, i hope you remember that you are so much more. more than what you do, what you know, what you feel. you are infinite and you are divine. i’ve been diving deep with this and i hope you do too!




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