Morning Ritual

i keep reminding myself, it is the little things. Small steps, little actions that keep me whole. it may not be a lot to any one else, but to me the rituals of my morning keep me afloat.the little things like oil pulling, cold water splashed onto my face, or tongue scraping. morning meditation {yea, 5 minutes is my magic number}, a warm cup of coffee, a few cat/cows, friends (!!!) this is where it is at.

long gone are the days of luxurious long practices or taking back to back classes at the studio, sure i miss these things, but mostly i miss the time available to me as my own. these bits and pieces of self care start my day in a way that reminds me “i am not last”. i spend 20 minutes before the boys wake, before the “shotgun” signals the days race begins, and this is what keeps me sane. this little bit is what puts something in my cup, even if it’s just a few drops into the ocean. it is something.

the sister science to yoga is Ayurveda, which is another tool to stock away for ourselves when we want to be present and full. looking into how we care for our bodies allows us to be healthier and happier! here are a few small rituals to start your day off:

  • tongue scraping. it’s simple and the best way to combat morning breath or the yuck that gets trapped in our mouth overnight. whether you invest in a tongue scraper or just use a spoon, a few swipes across your tongue and you have maybe spent a minute on a little self care.
  • splash of cold water on the face. if you have a hard time waking, this simple action can help boost your blood flow to the face and the contrast of it will wake you quickly.
  • warm water with lemon. this common beverage is great for digestion, complexion, and gets a glass of water under your belt before downing your favorite morning beverage {otherwise, it’s a good idea to drink this before your coffee}
  • 5 minute meditation. in need of turning inwards? a quick meditation is easily the best way to start the day. i am in love with sitting still for 5 minutes daily, even though often times it is interrupted by a baby or a little boy climbing into my lap. still worth every moment.
  • move yo’body. whether it be a sun salute, a child’s pose, some cat/cow, or a dance party in your kitchen, moving your body keeps you happy and healthy. find some way to move your body and do it!

these little rituals are what work for me, find some rituals you love and do them daily. or practice one once a week and then try something else, learn what works for you. explore. discover. love yo’self!





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