and we start again

how many times have you quit yoga? once? twice? for a whole year or just a month?

these ebbs and flows of life are constant, always changing and yet remarkably the same.  some days we are in the flow and life feels like it’s just as it should be, other days it feels like we are working way too hard to accomplish even the tiniest of task like teeth brushing or making coffee. the truth is everyone has days like this, everyone has moments of struggle, everyone quits and comes back. ebb and flow.

IMG_3170photo by piper shows

the beautiful secret is that we never really quit yoga, it is always with us and really becomes a part of who we are, how we live, and even our breath. so few things in life really have the power to transform us or shape us the way taking even one yoga class can. the power is in being present. even if you feel like you’ve lost your way, your practice, your breath, just take a moment to pause. and start again.

today, take a little moment and just breathe. take a moment to reflect on what you have quit and maybe want to get back to doing. today choose love. and maybe start again.




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