back to basics

really, when did basic get such a bad rap?

we have fundamental needs: water, shelter, food, love. If we aren’t getting these basics, that is a problem. so let’s get back to basics, friends! let’s look at our needs and make sure we are fulfilling them, but first we need to know what they are?

so, what are your needs?

is your home your sanctuary? how can you make it so?

are you staying hydrated? can you make fun spa water or treat yo’self to a fancy water bottle to carry as a reminder to drink more?

what are you feeding your body? can you find moderation instead of strict dieting? can you make food fun by cooking with friends or family?

are you getting enough love? enough hugs? are you loving yourself enough?

i can assure you, i’m exploring these basics too. reminding myself of the importance the basics, that the fundamentals in life need to be assessed and noted. adjusted. taken care of, let’s all get back to some basics!


life basics aren’t the only thing we need to remember to find our bliss, sometimes we need to look back to our beginning of yoga. some basic poses to remind ourself about the basic shapes of yoga. try some today! down dog, forward fold, seated twist, gate pose. can you take a step back in your yoga practice and remember the basics?

what other basics are you getting back to these days?




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