bliss in consistency

ok, ok. i know.

even my free spirit is fighting all urges too, it sounds crazy to me. but i am starting to find some bliss in consistency. I can see why people may love ashtanga or even bikrim yoga now, there is bliss in knowing. so as i am balancing out motherhood and striving to make my mark on the yoga world, i can see space in knowing what to wear, what to eat, or the joy in knowing it is nap time and i can work a little.

while i’m not great at this scheduling business, i am getting better at making the simple decisions easier. to have a mommy uniform, taco Tuesdays, coffee and breakfast prepared upon waking. i know that at 1pm, i can sit and write a little before tending to family needs. i know that if i wake up at 5:30 (yes, that is AM people… it stinks…. but it is my only time for sure that i can have with all the boys sleeping) that i will have space to meditate and enjoy solitude before my day of mama begins. so today, i wear the same jeans as yesterday. i had my coffee while the boys “played music” before i mediated {yup, my 5 minutes}. there is beautiful in finding easy and bliss, there is joy in taking the challenge out and making things easier on myself. so here i go, making things easier for myself by creating a schedule and making rituals every day life.

bliss in consistency… and in sharing my every day with y’all 😉




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