bliss in the quiet

FullSizeRender 4my five minutes every morning is MANDATORY. like seriously. most mornings look like sleepy boys crawling into my lap in the last minute of my solitude. it looks like mantra running through my head so that i can be present and make myself feel the confidence i exude all day. i am strong. i am love. i am nurturing. i am open, soft, connected, abundant, infinite. i find bliss in five minutes of quiet.

sure, all too often it isn’t quiet.

more than i would like, i often meditate with “if you are happy and you know it clap your hands” {there is a strange amount encouragement for children to be happy in all these songs! that’s a rant for another time though} and i both enjoy it as well as get very frustrated by it. so it’s not really quiet. it’s not really stillness {see sleepy boys above}, but i wouldn’t trade those five minutes for anything. maybe i would sleep in a bit more, 5:45am is pretty damn early. one day i will, one day the boys won’t get up so early. they won’t want to crawl into my lap either. they won’t try to put funny hats on my head or sneak dinosaurs into my hands to see if i would move. one day, the boys will sleep in and not even notice that i woke up before them, that i had a few moments of meditation or movement. one day, i will have as much time for meditative bliss as i want. for now, though. i’m going to enjoy the sleepy boys, the happy songs, and the toys.




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