living is learning

monday’s are always a good check in. a place to restart. a space to take a deep breath.

living is learning.

this weekend, i learned a lot about myself, my family, and yoga. i held a yamas + niyamas class which felt intense and very personal. it is more my practice these days than any asana, so it is my favorite to talk about especially since we get to chat about outer world and inner world work. these are the kinds of conversations i love to have, they are the ones that have depth and passion. meaning and purpose. i left these classes feeling charged, full, like the purpose of all my studying finally proved itself. but i came home to chaos…


to a baby so disrupted by my absence that he was shaking and a toddler so excited i was home he nearly leapt down the stairs. my guy was just fried at the total meltdown. so lesson learned, now may not be the right time to be gone for extended hours at least not yet. i learned that i love teaching these fundamentals of yoga, i could have spent all day talking about these ways of living. but i also need to honor my way of living. mama-hood, my first duty and role {i’m trying not to call it a job, because let’s be honest, it’s more than a job!}, of course being myself is an always, but work comes in order. yoga always, mama hood and being present first, and love.

what is life teaching you?





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