If cleanliness is close to godliness…

I may be screwed!

As I look around right now, there are: trains all over the place, dishes waiting to be washed from dinner, clothes needing to be washed, and baby blankets scattered. Not to mention paperwork that needs to be filed or shredded. This is not a clean space. No wonder my mind is cluttered too. Exterior clean influence our interior clean. This is why it’s so important to do our best to make an effort to keep clean, it may not always be easy or possible, but finding bliss rarely is! 

Sure life is messy and the energy into cleaning (especially if you are working full time or have babes to raise) is kinda low on the totem pole, but even just a few minutes of tidying up. Putting stuff away, IN its home, can be enough to shut the energy of your room or house. It can be enough to feel a little relaxed or mentally calm. Sometimes it just takes a few minutes to few clearer, calmer, better.  But still, if cleanliness is close to holiness, we have a long way to go 😉 




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