summer time madness

this is the final week of school, yea!

and no. i’m slowly trying to wrap my head around what exactly we are going to DO this summer. with the two boys home and teaching as much as my little heart can manage, I know there will be lots happening! do you remember how summers felt as a child?

they felt infinite, glorious, free. i hope to not only have the boys feeling free and wild, but to capture some of that for myself too. i know it sounds crazy, but their childhood is so short even though it really has just started, i want to make sure they soak up as much of it as they can.

IMG_2750nature hunting will definitely be a part of our days… 

i look forward to campfires and s’mores. yoga with friends and their littles.

eating watermelon and popsicles to stay cool. taking naps or watching movies in the heat of the day.

taking Bug paddle boarding again. letting bear splash in the water { with SPF 1000 on 😉 }.

to chasing fireflies and sleeping in {fingers crossed}. to living in our swimsuits or pjs.

to a summer of firsts: first baseball game, first sleepover, first flight {for bear}, first amusement park, first aquarium, first time to mimi +opa’s house. to a summer filled with laughter, snuggles, and fun.

it may be filled with madness, meltdowns, and chaos, but i’m looking forward to having the bliss of freedom to be wild as children so love to do. i’m looking forward to just being. chilling, reading, playing with these boys while they are just that boys. time flies my friends, a day turns into a week which passes into a month and slowly becomes a year. i want to slow the time and really enjoy it this summer. tackling a more natural day, waking with the sun and going to sleep when we are tired. unplugging more and connecting to being present with those i love.

are you thinking about summer yet? any vacation plans? any ways to connect to those summers of being a kiddo?





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