The escape…

Nothing cuter than a yoga party that gives away succulents!

We are nearly to CA, our escape is nearly complete. Of course travel is never without little dramas, but nonetheless the boys and I are on vacation!

I’m sure there will be lots of photos over on Instagram of us and our California Dreaming days as well as some thoughts about yoga off the mat, how to find bliss while traveling, and bliss with two boys on a train 🚂 Summer may not quite be officially here yet, but that’s not stopping us from enjoying it early. And the best way to do that is breathe and chill. Today’s flight tested our boundaries of patience and remaining calm while waiting. From lines to waiting to board to even being on the plane “waiting” to arrive, there is a lot in our day that requires us to be patient. Deep breaths, reminders of what we are “working” towards, and bribery if necessary {hey mama is not above packing gifts to get the job done!}, life is just that way. Sometimes it is just about getting it all done!
Just because we are away, doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of yoga and work still happening! Tomorrow, Nancy and I will have a PAY WHAT YOU WANT day for any two limb course on eight limb life (minimum $10, just send us an email )! We love y’all so much, we just want you to join in the fun already. 
By the time you are reading this, we will probably be in the pool. Splashing and playing before we nap and go grocery shopping to make dinner! 




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