Parenting is yoga: trips

Make no mistake, this is a trip not a vacation. Vacations there are pina coladas, relaxing, casual reading, not early wake ups, fussy & tired kiddos, constant running around. Sure we are having a blast (!!!), but we are sliding into bed every night exhausted!

There has been laughter and playing every day, swimming and splashing, 5-minute meditation thrown in every day, but the gift of space is missing. My space to be specific. Oddly, I’m enjoying that though. Diving into bed together, snuggles, pillow fights, playing non stop all day every day, reprieve from the grandparents, but also mama still close. This is what summer is about.

The memories we are creating is the practice. This being here and now is what we work for, it may not be a vacation but we sure are having fun! ✨🙌🏼🌤


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